De-funking: A day of pampering

I have a tendency to place so much focus/emphasis on my mental heath and not overworking myself into a pile of dust that often times my physical health gets pitched to the back of the bus. Seeing as for the past couple weeks I’ve looked like an under-budget remake of the Kanye collection, I figured it was time I cleared my mind; set aside my worries for a day and took care of little ol’ Nat for once. I do this every once in a while when life starts to feel a bit “heavy”, just to bring myself back to feeling light and feathery again.

Spa on a budget:
Also known as, “I’m a full-time college student with a part-time job and have to choose between a mani-pedi and food”. So instead of going to a salon I (painfully) decided to put gas before beautiful cuticles and took matters into my own, much more budget-friendly hands.  I got up this morning, lit my “Pineapple Mango” B&B candle, put on some Beyoncé and “Single Ladies’d” my way over to the shower. I started off with an exfoliant (“porridge” soap from lush), exfoliating always makes me feel like a whole new lady. Now, to achieve skin which resembles that of a sun-kissed Godiva chocolate, expect nothing less than a 3-step method. I Started off with a charcoal mask by Origins that I purchased at Sephora, moved on to my “Brazened Honey” face mask from Lush and wrapped it up with 100% pure Aragan oil by Josie Maran which never fails to leave my face looking and feeling like fancy chocolate pudding (I guess you could say I looked “good enough to eat” *badum tsssss*).

The Chow:

You are what you eat. Sometimes I’m a luscious garden salad and  other times I’m a glazed  crispy cream donut and that seems like a good enough counter-balance for me. When I’m not feeling my best, however, I will myself to fight the urge to literally drown myself in Ben and Jerry’s and make an effort to put food in my body that will restore the energy that’s been sucked out of me curtesy of my newfangled “adulting”. Recently, I’ve fallen off on my obsessive tea habits and decided to pick them back up again. The salesperson at Teavanna described the energy I’d be given from the peach matcha green tea packets as “like drugs” and immediately I knew they were for me. Matcha is pure green tea, which naturally causes you feel happy, energized and even aids in speeding up your metabolism for all of you who plan on looking like VS Angels this summer (*raises hand*). Peach matcha with half a lemon was my choice refresher for the morning. One thing I tend to gravitate towards when  I’m feeling crummy is chips. So, as a healthier alternative, I picked up some “Korean BBQ” crunchy chickpeas from Wholefoods which I can proudly say is one of my greatest discoveries yet. It was just as, if not more satisfying than a bag of salt and vinegar Lays would have been, without all the calories and clogged arteries. I am constantly on the go and haven’t had much time to cook for myself so I’ve started picking up healthy snacks to eat throughout the day (fresh and dried fruits, vegan macaroons, protein bars, vegetable chips etc.).

When I eat well, I feel good; physically and mentally.

Happy Hour:

I get so caught up in checking things off my to-do list and following routine procedure, I seldom make time for the things I love; which in turn, are the things that make me happy. Every morning I try to spend time in “meditation”. This is were I play soft background music, read scripture and calm my spirit.

Picking up a good book always puts me in a special mood. Lately I’ve been going a little overboard at my local Barnes and Nobles seeing as I can’t possibly read five books at once, but hey, I buy them anyway. I then went out and ran a couple errands for myself. Believe it or not, a trip to Wholefoods and the local drug store to pick up a few nic-knacks is pretty therapeutic to me. Fresh air and lots of vitamin D from the good old sun does wonders for my mood.

In between all the planning, all the scheduling and running around like headless flock; between the busyness of life, never forget to make time for yourself. Be good to your mind, body and spirit and everything else you do will benefit. Pampering yourself; making time for yourself, is a form of self love. Develop some sort of positive routine to preform on days you feel in need of a pick-me-up. No matter how many other things you may feel you need accomplish at once, you must take care of yourself first. Without you, those things will never get done in the first place. Once you take a step back and allow yourself to feel light and refreshed, you’ll be able to tackle what life has for you much more efficiently than you ever could with a cluttered mind.

Place yourself first. You deserve it.




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