Natvice 3.0!, let’s have a chat: New beginnings, Catching up and pitiful analogies

So, I did it

I let go of the old, wretched Blogspot layout and traded it in for something more modern. That also means I’ve left behind my original Natvice blog along with all of its posts, and yes, for a split second it did feel like one of those melodramatic Nicholas Sparks scenes (here I go again with the N. Sparks references) when star-crossed lovers go their separate ways and one of them watches the other drive away in cab in the pouring rain from their doorstep, but I got over it quite quickly and found me a new hunka burnin’ love (more formally known as WordPress). It’s time for a change.

After taking one of my infamous blogging hiatuses (yea..sorry about that..again), I returned to the original Natvice blog and looked over my old content; Its amazing how much I’ve grown in the past two years. Returning to the old blog after a break kind of felt like trying to fit into my clothes from the seventh grade  (which now consist of involuntary crop tops and high-watered pants that don’t dare go past my bum, gifting me with a walk which resembles that of an uncomfortable wind-up toy). In much simpler terms, I felt as If I had outgrown it and wanted to start fresh.This blog will not be Christian centered.. Essentially, I just want to create and chat it up with you guys, I don’t want to feel confined to giving advice. I want to be able to be lighthearted and share the things I love and learn with you guys, I just want to be entirely myself and I also want to scratch all this formal mambo-jumbo and I’m sure we’ll all appreciate that.

Life caught up to me for a while and that happens sometimes, so I can’t promise any set schedule for posts but I do have a lot of things up my sleeve (Which under normal circumstances would be quite uncomfortable and a bit concerning but in this case, is totally exciting!) *Okay Nathia, stop it with the terrible side cometary.*

In short, I can’t wait to start this totally brand new chapter with you guys, I’ll still be giving occasional advice/my thoughts and opinions on things but I want this blog to be so much more than that. I’m sure you’d rather me show you than tell you so I’ll wrap this up.

Thanks for everything thus far, You guys are DA BEST.



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